Helping eCommerce businesses to grow REVENUE&PROFIT by providing highly targeted marketing services.

Who we are at Smarketa?

Smarketa is a digital marketing agency with an e-commerce business mindset. We emerged to make accessible to all e-commerce owners the vast experience acquired from our years of online sales and marketing. With hundreds of customers in 17 countries around the globe, we’ve become one of the most trusted agencies for e-commerce business. Why? We think everything in terms of your sales!

What We Do?

We take the guesswork and secrets out of e-commerce digital marketing to help make rapid business growth available to EVERYONE. Having been in e-commerce marketing for over a decade, we have tried it all: strategies that fail, those that take years to pay off and those that start bringing cash through the door instantly. Whether you’re an e-commerce marketer or an e-commerce business owner, we can show you our expertise to run effective digital marketing campaigns that drive more traffic, sales, and profit for your company. Best of all, we know our strategies works because we actually do this stuff for a living.

Why We Do?

We’re on a mission to double the size of 1,000 businesses in the next 3 years. Why? We do it because we believe that businesses—just like yours—can change the world. We do it because we think marketing is the most challenging, interesting, and rewarding field there is. And finally, we do it for you. In the end, it’s our customers who matter. We learn from you. We admire you. We’re thankful for you.

Our Statistics

Around The Office

Our experienced team constantly introductes innovations in the field of eCommerce SEO, staying ahead of new trends and finding innovative solutions to help you grow your eCommerce business.

Desire I’mpossible business growth, outperformed competitors and more and more conversions ???