How does “New Age E-commerce” Marketing Work?

New Age E-commerce” Marketing is the marketing approach of having multiple channels working in unison to deliver results. Each strategy is a unique combination of channels and tactics, designed to best suit your goals.

We offer a one-stop, all-in-one digital marketing solutions for e-commerce store owners. This is truly a hand-holding experience for your online business development… with… a success rate close to 100%! Why? Simply because when you pick our all-in-one package we… almost completely… take on your digital promotion efforts and push them to the upper limits of your store’s profit potential!

We take care of every aspect of your online presence starting with flooding your website with laser-targeted traffic… then, optimizing your website to max out your conversions... and… ending with retargeting (bringing back the customers who visited your website but left without buying… and… intelligently & tactically, compel them to purchase your product!)

New era of marketing

The e-commerce landscape has changed, and any business that wants to dominate its competition can no longer take a siloed approach to growth. A modern day marketing strategy needs to be comprehensive in targeting customers throughout (and beyond) the traditional marketing funnel, with a consistent and cohesive approach.

“New Age E-commerce” is a service that does exactly that, combining and integrating marketing channels to produce exciting results.


Agile & adaptive

After building a tailor-made strategy for your online store’s growth, we monitor the results closely to understand what works best. That data is used constantly to adapt the strategy according to its most successful components. We can do this due to the unique structure of the team assigned to each client. With each member, actively contributing to the success of each channel.

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Case study
Project MSB

In late 2016, Smarketa’s team took on a colossal project – building Mobile Signal Boosters’ overall digital marketing strategy… from the absolute ground zero! And what happened? Here’s what: at this very moment, absolutely dominate their niche in the UK. They rank No1 for most targeted keywords.

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    Revenue increased by 133% Now over £50, 000/month
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    Customer database increased by 213% Now, over 30, 000 customers
  • ROI increased by 800% MSB now earns £8 for every £1 spent

We have executed, maintained and also grown the organic search presence of the website through multiple Seo strotegies to achieve ongoing organic growth success.

Our SEO strategy has focused on ongoing onsite optimisation, link acquisition and through a robust and regular onsite content strategy.


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