How a failing business outperformed competitors and reached £ 1.7 MM annual revenue


Posted on March 15, 2019
By Ginnie

Reading Time: 11 minutes

Have you ever thought how hard it is to launch a successful business? Many sources state that more than 90% of all ecommerce startups fail within the first 4 months. Yes, success in ecommerce is pretty tough. But saving a dying business is even tougher.

Now, imagine an ecommerce business with a crippled website: no google rankings, no funnels, no email marketing, no customer support and, as a consequence, no sales. This is the story of Mobile Signal Boosters: an ecommerce shop for signal amplifiers. MSB turned to us to get a strategic booting plan of website optimization for search engines.

Taking the project was quite a challenge, and we embarked on a year-long journey crafting almost every aspect of MSB’s digital marketing strategy and carving seo campaigns for best results.

At the end of the MSB project results, we come to impressive numbers:

There in the Boosters’ company they couldn’t even expect such success in just one year.

Thorough analysis helped our team identify the main issues and challenges, we sought out the most proper solution methods and mechanisms for each problem. All our actions were carefully planned and goals clearly stated.

So, first things first: analysis. It showed that MSB had 4 fundamental problems:

Not to seem unfair, most ecommerce businesses experience at least one of these. That’s mostly because they don’t really engage in strategic planning. Usually they don’t assign this work to specialists or they lack proper knowledge how to run an ecommerce business.

Vague Target market

Here, MSB didn’t have a buyer avatar or a general message that spoke to the target audience.  It was trying to sell their products to the wrong target market. But to know what your customers want you need to first understand who they are.

Answers to questions like who needs a signal booster? Why do they buy it ? What are their main concerns when buying? will help build a business persona – your customer avatar.

For MSB we used Google analytics, studied public reviews of competitors, their target market, their buyers’ social profiles, etc. This way we found all the answers we were looking for. After, we proceeded to generating a universal message to MSB target market.

The findings revealed the main frustration trigger that united all buyers: low signal bars, so the message became “…from 1 signal bar to 5 instantly!”

Poor Unique Selling proposition (USP)

Why is what you offer better than the competitors’? There is a need for a reasonable answer to this question. It may be the price, value or the service. Or maybe all at once or even something more.

Value proposition is the innovative, great value, a feature or a service that make your product line attractive to your customers. Thus you promise your value will be delivered to the customers making them expect aqcuiring or gaining the value.

Along with this, unique selling proposition is a marketing concept – a key point in differentiation. Of course, you should always provide great value to the buyers, but without strong USP your potential customers will always be able to find another brand/store/business providing good value and having something unique.

Refund and warranty policies

MSB had tried to take advantage over competitors with extensive refund policy of 6 months and a 3-year warranty. But this method didn’t work properly, as it was not dictated by the market.

People abused the offer  purchasing boosters and sending back it for a full refund in 6 months.

Price-focus strategy

The main promoted product was an extra powerful signal booster covering a large area. Because of extra power features it was sold for an astronomically high price. This did not appeal to any segment of the price-sensitive market.
Our price-focus strategy turned 6 months refund period to 30 days thus keeping “freebie-seekers” at bay, and reducing warranty period by 1 year matching it to the competitors’ offers.
Earlier research had shown that the biggest market segment was for boosters covering 100-150 m² so we shifted the promotion focus to a good quality booster for areas up to 150 m².
The most competitively priced booster on the market for areas up to 140 m² had a price of £315. We suggested pricing our 150 m² booster 30% cheaper, £205. As expected, this became the bestseller gaining 27% of all booster views.
The focus was shifted from the refund and warranty policies to the price and it turned out to be a great marketing decision.
To sum up the methods and techniques we used, here are four tips and tricks for you to use further in your ecommerce business  marketing strategies.

Poor Traffic Segmentation and Targeting

In the beginning, when we just started the “MSB project,” we utilized SEO, PPC (shopping, display) video ads, etc. as main sources of traffic. Later we developed separate funnels for different types of traffic for each traffic type. That produced an increase in conversions by 43%!

After conducting a research based on the initial data we had, we were able to distinguish 3 main groups of signal booster buyers, we will refer to them as cold, warm and hot traffic.

Hot traffic
For MSB the hottest traffic is composed of people who are aware of the product: have visited the website, have looked through products and exposed a behaviour indicating a high interest in MSB’s products.

We reached this traffic mainly by retargeting – using mechanism for getting back abandoned customers. We managed to increase the conversion rates of the online store by 473% simply through website optimization and creating user-friendly website-surfing experience.

Warm traffic
People already aware of the product but still unsure what type they needed and from which company they should buy it are among the warm ones. As it turned out, the main obstacle for buying was being unsure if the booster can resolve their issue or not. And if yes, was the quality of the boosters high enough, how to pick the right booster, etc.?

We developed a funnel which would tap into the ongoing consideration phase of potential buyers and give them valuable reasons to shop with MSB.

We put together a web-page entitled, “Get rid of your poor signal issue once and for all” and wrote an educational sales copy to outline the main objections and concerns the warm prospects had.

Cold traffic
The Biggest segment: unaware of the product but well aware of the problem they had.  

While doing our research, we came across a study that claimed that 29% of the UK’s entire population suffers from poor signal issues. That would make tens of millions of potential customers. Yet, the absolute majority was clueless to what a signal booster was. So, we chose to build an educational funnel for turning the cold traffic hot.

Our content management team wrote an article for Mobile Signal Boosters’ website titled “7 ways to improve your mobile phone signal instantly” telling the reader about 6 valid (but temporary!) ways to resolve the issue and presented the 7th option- a one-stop solution for a poor signal: a “signal booster.” When they clicked the button to reveal more, we would keep marketing them the way we promoted signal boosters to the warm traffic.