How To Do An Ecommerce Seo Audit and Why You Just Have To Do It

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Killer eCommerce SEO Strategy Creation – a Step-by-Step Guide


Are you an online store owner in desperate need of a comprehensive and simple guide to optimize your eCommerce SEO strategy? Well look no more, you have found it! This guide is …

Posted on 19.02.2020 | by Tigran | CEO at Smarketa

SEO Audit Tools: Use The Best SEO Tools to Fit Your Business Needs


Chances are you opened your eCommerce website, however, it does not perform as well as you had hoped. You have heard of SEO and implemented it in your digital marketing strategy, but …

Posted on 08.10.2019 | by Margarita | Content Manager

eCommerce SEO Audit Checklist: Identify – Improve – Rank


Have you decided to invest money in creating an awesome eCommerce business? That’s great! You have done your first step in business success. However, be ready for a long and challenging journey. …

Posted on 24.09.2019 | by Margarita | Content Manager

SEO at its Best: SEO Best Practices to Learn from


Year by year eCommerce business is gaining great popularity all around the world and becoming an inseparable part of people’s life. No matter if you are a newcomer or an industry expert, …

Posted on 20.09.2019 | by Christine | SEO Senior Specialist

Future SEO Trends: How to Stay on Top of Things in 2020


As we all know, SEO is extremely important, especially for e-commerce websites. In order to rank, stay ahead of your competition, maximize your profit and provide a valuable and high-class service site …

Posted on 14.09.2019 | by Lily | Content Writer