How To Do An Ecommerce Seo Audit and Why You Just Have To Do It

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Effective Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate


What is conversion rate and why is it important? The percentage of users who take the desired action is called the conversion rate. Conversion rate measures the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and efforts, which gives an opportunity to …

Posted on 29.08.2019 | by Tigran M.

Agency vs Freelancer vs In-House SEO: Which One Fits Your eCommerce business?


It’s not a secret that search engine optimization has become crucial in the development of every business that desires to reach continuous targeted traffic, to improve marketing efforts, boost sales and achieve overall business goals. Every business’s primary goal nowadays is …

Posted on 29.08.2019 | by Susan M.

How to Choose an SEO Agency for your eCommerce Business


Research SEO agencies Nowadays, the proper online advertisement comes to replace most of the other ways to deliver information to your potential customers. Especially if you are a small business, which was founded relatively recently, chances are your success is …

Posted on 29.08.2019 | by Ginnie A.

How to do an eCommerce SEO audit and why you just have to do it


The odds are your webstore doesn’t do great for organic traffic, and you already know that the answer is SEO. As an eCommerce business owner, you may have good sales, thanks to paid campaigns, but you must feel like there …

Posted on 29.08.2019 | by Ginnie A.

How a failing business outperformed competitors and reached £ 1.5 MM annual revenue


Have you ever thought how hard it is to launch a successful business? Many sources state that more than 90% of all eCommerce startups fail within the first 4 months. Why do small businesses fail you may ask? Let’s discuss the …

Posted on 29.08.2019 | by Susan M.