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Why Do an eCommerce SEO Audit?

What is an eCommerce Facebook Ads Audit?


Many people see Facebook advertising as very straight-forward, just pay and people will see your ad. However, there are many aspects to Facebook advertising, and, if done incorrectly, it will fail to bring traffic and convert. Facebook ads can reach your potential customers at the right time. Facebook Ad audit will check on targeting, ad content and visuals to see how attractive they appear to the audience. Performing audit will minimise your costs and maximise CTR and conversion rate. 

Why Do an eCommerce Facebook Ad Audit?


Your web store performance always has room for improvement. Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm, thus your Facebook Ads strategy needs to change alongside it. Plus, audience preference is never the same. In order to stay up to date on all changes, use your budget in an optimal way and reach your ads’ full potential, make sure to perform a Facebook Ad Audit.

When Do an eCommerce Facebook Ad Audit?


The eCommerce market is constantly changing, with new competition coming to play, old ones getting stronger or weaker. Also, many dynamic factors affect customer behaviour. Thus, it is generally advised to perform the Facebook Ads audit every 3-6 months, to make sure that you are up to date and relevant in your market niche and competitors. 

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Facebook Ad Audit Process

Competitor analysis

Identifying competitors of a business in a specific niche, analyzing their success factors, working strategies and mechanisms they use helps develop new Facebook Ad strategies based on the results of the analysis.

Business account analysis

Segmentation and structure of your ad campaigns are crucial in order to be able to analyse their effectiveness. If your ad campaigns are wrongly structured and segmented, it makes it harder to manage them. We also look at your budgeting, to make ensure the optimal use of your resources. 

Tracking review

We check to see if the pixel code is active, and whether or not it’s working correctly and tracking all the conversions done on site. We also set up/reset up events based on your business goals to see if the campaigns are converting or not and whether or not they bring the desired results.

Targeting review

We examine your audiences according to their interests, behaviour, demographics and other factors to make sure they match your ideal buyer avatar and fit into your campaigns. 

Placement review

This stage will show where your ads display and further analysis will determine which type of placement works best with which type of offer and audience. You will know what kind ad, i.e. video, pictures, carousell, etc., place through which channel, as on Facebook marketplace, Facebook search, Facebook news feed and so on, and for which specific audience.

Strategy review

A strategy is one of the key tokens of success of your advertising campaign. Market demand and interests are constantly changing and you need to adjust your strategy and presentation accordingly to send an attractive offer through the right channel to the right audience.

Why Us?

Because we perform audits manually.

Tech is getting smarter and smarter. But with over a decade of experience in the sphere we have carved a constantly developing mechanism of work that is mostly done manually, from handpicking keywords to risk analysis and competitor research. 
Of course, several of the best search engine optimization tools are used whenever it’s impossible to perform an analysis manually, but manual audit remains irreplaceable as it leaves no space for leaving out details.
Here at Smarketa, we make sure every detail that has a certain amount of impact on the website performance is carefully studied and analyzed. We have built and gained trust for years as the best SEO audit company and we’re ready to share our expertise with you.

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Expert-level Manual eCommerce SEO Audit

Once again, what’s included?


  • Deep SEO analysis to identify main issues and finding ways to boost your store’s rankings and performance.

  • Competitor analysis, Keyword research, On-site and Off-site inspection performed mostly manually with the help of the best tools on the market.

  • Detailed feedback on all aspects and elements needing any improvement, changes, or fixes; and an estimate of the potential traffic increase that should follow the improvements and changes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question :

How long will it take for you to deliver the SEO audit report for my eStore?

Answer :

Depending on number of pages your store may have, it can take up to 6 – 10 business days from the moment we confirm your audit request.

Question :

What if once you deliver the audit report I am not sure about some parts? Will I be able to get further feedback or clarifications?

Answer :

Of course, you will! Our team will happily help clarify the meaning of every input in the report to make sure you know exactly what each result means.

Question :

Would you be able to actually resolve all the issues you find during the audit?

Answer :

Certainly, yes! Although as part of the audit we will not be making any changes to your site, if you choose to give us the green light, we can very quickly turn your audit report into an SEO strategy and start implementing it. Our team of marketing enthusiasts have years of experience and are equipped with the best tools: so rest assured, we will be able to address all and any SEO issues your online store might have!