The Ecommerce

SEO Audit Checklist

Download this e-commerce SEO checklist with its guide to determine all potential SEO issues that may be holding your online store back from reaching its organic traffic potential.

Here’s what’s included…

A detailed walkthrough guide of On-Page and Off-Page SEO Audit components, with easy to follow screenshots of how to use the necessary tools and what to make of the results revealed.

An audit process tailored to e-commerce store owners: no SEO expertise prerequisites or expensive SEO analysis tools necessary to complete the full e-commerce audit!

An audit process with an emphasis on the most commonly found SEO shortcomings, based on our years of experience, to make sure you are not making the same mistakes everyone else is!

A very intuitive audit spreadsheet that once completed by following the guide will be the reference point of your ecommerce store’s SEO strategy for a while to come.


Helene Nazaryan- SEO Manager

“Whether you’re trying to aggressively expand your search traffic or trying to just remain competitive, the cornerstone of any successful SEO strategy is a proper SEO Audit.

After all, how can you improve on issues that you don’t know exist!”

Get the checklist to identify EVERY single

SEO issue your website may have!

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