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What is an e-commerce SEO audit ?

It is the thorough evaluation of your e-commerce website’s current SEO position, with the objective of revealing all and any SEO issues that may be harming your e-commerce website in the eyes of Google (or other search engines).

It is without a doubt the most important part, (the foundation), of any successful SEO strategy.

Why? Because without a thorough Audit your strategy may be focusing on the totally incorrect SEO aspects of your website; wasting your precious time and effort!

What could you be missing out in your SEO strategy?

Well your store ‘visitors’ (both Google Robots, and actual users) may not actually be ‘satisfied’  browsing your pages. Bottom line: your website may not be sending the right signals to Search engines, even if everything seems fine on the surface!

Why outsource the SEO audit?

Indeed you don’t have to outsource it. In fact, you can use our complete e-commerce SEO audit checklist and its guide to do the audit entirely by yourself (and it should only cost you $7 to get the necessary tools for the audit). So why pay?

Well, your time is money too! Estimating conservatively, it should take you 20-30 hours of devoted attention to complete a thorough audit of your e-commerce website. That’s about 3 working days.

On the other hand, someone with a few years of SEO experience who has all the “pro” tools should be able to do the audit in 8-10 hours. They are also more likely to find minor issues that you may have missed: as you know, practice makes perfect.

But the odds are that the cheapest you can get this service for is $250-$350: that’s if you’re lucky enough to find a good SEO freelancer for $30-$50/hour. This, of course, is not even taking into account all the time spent finding a freelancer like that and arranging the order!

Well, today you are in luck. We are offering to do a complete detailed e-commerce SEO site audit for only $54 (82% discount from the standard price). Why? Because we genuinely believe that every e-commerce shop owner should invest in SEO. And all things SEO start with an audit!

What’s included in the audit?

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Competitor Analysis

Keyword Analysis

On Site Analysis

Off Site Analysis

Competitor Analysis

  • First, we evaluate your niche organic traffic potential and the extent to which your target search results are saturated with competition.
  • We then analyze the top competitors in your niche: carefully examining their strategies and focus terms with which they drive in convertible organic traffic.

Keyword Analysis

  • For this part, we dive into analysing your store’s current SEO position in your niche. We examine the keyword profile of your store, current rankings of your pages and the relevancy of the keywords your pages rank for.
  • These findings combined with the competitor analysis revelations then help us derive the potential for boosting the rankings of your store, also implying the possible routes applicable for achieving the boost.

Buy now – $54

On Site Analysis

  • Once we know the potential and possible routes available for boosting your store’s rankings we focus on identifying areas of your store’s webpages that could be improved.
  • Technical SEO – we analyze all the “key-player” technical factors to make sure the website is ‘satisfying’ to browse for both visitors and search engine crawlers.
  • Content analysis – we identify the optimal content for your store pages so they both rank for the niche search results targeted and have the necessary impact on visitors (potential customers)!

Off Site Analysis

  • For this part we conduct a thorough analysis of the quality of external signals search engines receive regarding your e-commerce store and brand. This includes examining the backlinks, social signals, brand signals and citations of your ecommerce store.
  • We then identify the backlinks, social and brand signals as well as citations of the benchmark competitors in your niche to derive what an effective off-site SEO strategy should entail in your niche.

We use the best SEO tools in the industry.

Your audit will be done using the best paid SEO tools in the Industry, ensuring that the most detailed data available is used for the analysis and no minor detail is left out.

Tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Screaming Frog, Website Auditor, MOZ and Majestic,… just to name a few.

You’re In Good Company

With over a decade of experience helping e-commerce businesses, you can be sure that you’re in good hands. Here are just a few of the companies we’ve helped…


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 $300-Worth SEO Audit for just $54 

Discover Your Store’s SEO Issues


  • Deep SEO analysis to derive the potential for boosting your store’s rankings and routes applicable for achieving this boost.
  • Meticulous Competitor, keyword, On-site and Off-site analysis with best tools available in the market today.
  • Detailed feedback on all areas needing improvement, with estimates of the search traffic increases that should follow from enacting the recommended changes!

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take for you to deliver the SEO audit report for my eStore?


It can take up to 2 working days from the moment we confirm your audit request. However, as it generally takes our experts 8-10 hours to conduct the analysis, the report is usually ready within a day.



What if once you deliver the audit report I am not sure about some parts: will I be able to get further feedback or clarifications?


Of course, you will! Our team will happily help clarify the meaning of every input in the report to make sure you know exactly what each result means. However, if they are not able to answer your question in short, our experts may also direct you to relevant useful resources, or may even agree for a call.



Why do you offer the audit at such a huge discount?


Because we truly believe that every e-commerce website should invest in SEO, and the Audit is the most crucial foundation to it! But that is not all. We believe in our expertise, and the years of experience acquired from being in e-commerce ourselves, so we want you to put us to the test: to discover just how far we have come!



Would you be able to actually resolve all the issues you find during the audit?


Certainly, yes! Although as part of the audit we will not be making any changes to your site, if you choose to give us the green light, we can very quickly turn your audit report into an SEO strategy and start implementing it. Our team of marketing enthusiasts have years of experience and are equipped with the best tools: so rest assured, we will be able to address all and any SEO issues your online store might have!

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