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What is an eCommerce SEO Audit?

You are sure your web store has a higher potential for boost, aren’t you? Didn’t you know you needed an eCommerce SEO Audit? It’s a comprehensive, exhaustive assessment of your website’s current SEO position. This process discloses all the malfunctions, issues, and problems that prevent your website from performing to its fullest. No doubt, this is the first and the most important step for overall SEO strategy. Without a comprehensive SEO Audit, you’ll have no action plan for developing your SEO strategy on.

Why to Do an eCommerce SEO Audit?

Your web store performance is most probably lower than expected and it isn’t getting enough organic traffic. Have you ever thought why? There might be plenty of issues behind these results and you might not know about any of them. The only way to find answers is to perform an SEO audit. A deep, exhaustive audit gives you the whole picture to explore all the little details and trifles you wouldn’t know hinder your ecommerce website performance.

When to Do an eCommerce SEO Audit?

Search engine algorithms frequently change, technologies develop, at the same time competitors grow, thus requiring us to keep up with the search engine algorithm updates. It’s generally advised to perform small-scale audits once a month to be sure everything is under control, but a full-scale audit should be performed about every 3-6 months. This way, you’ll be able to check the overall health of your website without giving it a chance to malfunction.

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SEO Audit Process

Competitor analysis
Identifying competitors of a business in specific niche, analyzing their success factors, working strategies and mechanisms they use helps develop new strategies based on the analysis results.
Keyword analysis
We analyze your store’s current SEO position within your niche, examine the keyword profile, current rankings of your pages and keyword relevance. Findings are become the strong base to make up the action plan with which SEO strategy.
On-site analysis
On-site analysis reveals optimisation problems of all elements in the website, be it visible or not, such as headings, tags, meta titles and descriptions, HTTP codes, low usability and friendliness causing components.
Off-site analysis
Off-site analysis evaluates the quality of external signals (backlinks, social, brand signals) search engines receive about your web store. Identifying similar signals of the “niche giants” allows us to build an effective off-site presence strategy.
Technical SEO analysis
The “key-player” technical factors are analyzed to make sure that browsing your website is a “satisfying” task both for visitors and crawlers, because technical issues may be reasons for poor performance.
SEO Content analysis
A thorough content analysis identifies the existing content issues, relevance of keywords, and indicated the optimal content of pages to rank high and have the necessary impact on potential customers.

Why Us?

Because we perform audits manually.

Tech is getting smarter and smarter. But with over a decade of experience in the sphere we have carved a constantly developing mechanism of work that is mostly done manually, from handpicking keywords to risk analysis and competitor research.
Of course, several of the best SEO tools are used whenever it’s impossible to perform an analysis manually, but manual audit remains irreplaceable as it leaves no space for leaving out details.
Here at Smarketa, we make sure every detail that has a certain amount of impact on the website performance is carefully studied and analyzed.We have built and gained trust for years and we’re ready to share our expertise with you.

Our Projects

Customer Testimonials

Ara Melkonyan | CEO
“The SEO audit of our website revealed many issues, mostly technical, we had no idea about. Our store had clearly visible symptoms - low performance, low conversion, and few sales and the SEO audit was a very straight-forward diagnosis for further treatment"
George A. M. │ CEO
“To be honest, before the full audit we didn’t imagine our website had so many multi-level issues and it was not clear why it wasn’t performing well. The audit Smarketa performed was so detailed that it left no question unanswered”
Rufus Greenbaum | CEO
"The audit we did helped us understand what exactly our lovely clients need to have the best online experience that makes them come back to shop at our store again and again"

Platforms We Support

Expert-level Manual eCommerce SEO Audit

Once again, what’s included?

  • Deep SEO analysis to identify main issues and finding ways to boost your store’s rankings and performance.
  • Competitor analysis, Keyword research, On-site and Off-site inspection performed mostly manually with the help of the best tools in the market.
  • Detailed feedback on all aspects and elements needing any improvement, change, or fix; and an estimate of the potential traffic increase that should follow the improvements and changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long will it take for you to deliver the SEO audit report for my eStore?

Answer: It can take up to 2 working days from the moment we confirm your audit request. However, as it generally takes our experts 8-10 hours to conduct the analysis, the report is usually ready within a day.

Question: What if once you deliver the audit report I am not sure about some parts? Will I be able to get further feedback or clarifications?

Answer: Of course, you will! Our team will happily help clarify the meaning of every input in the report to make sure you know exactly what each result means. However, if they are not able to answer your question in short, our experts may also direct you to relevant useful resources, or may even agree for a call.

Question: Why do you offer the audit at such a huge discount?

Answer: Because we truly believe that every e-commerce website should invest in SEO, and the Audit is the most crucial foundation to it! But that is not all. We believe in our expertise, and the years of experience acquired from being in e-commerce ourselves, so we want you to put us to the test: to discover just how far we have come!

Question: Would you be able to actually resolve all the issues you find during the audit?

Answer: Certainly, yes! Although as part of the audit we will not be making any changes to your site, if you choose to give us the green light, we can very quickly turn your audit report into an SEO strategy and start implementing it. Our team of marketing enthusiasts have years of experience and are equipped with the best tools: so rest assured, we will be able to address all and any SEO issues your online store might have!

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