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Does an eCommerce Website Need SEO?

Without SEO an eCommerce business can have good, even great sales, but will never achieve its full potential.

And why is that?

Well, as an eCommerce business owner you know that no matter how great your website is, it will only be able to convert a fraction of the traffic that comes to your store.

So, the more traffic, the more sales, right? Almost. To be exact, the more ‘targeted traffic’, the more sales (assuming you maintain your conversion rate). And the word “targeted” is the key too! The answer to the ‘why’ has a few parts to it! First, the total traffic you can get can be Paid, Referral, Direct and Search. And without SEO you’ll just need to be very lucky to get search traffic. So yes, you’ll be missing out on a chunk on potential traffic without SEO.

What about the word ‘targeted’. A good SEO strategy can target precisely the potential customers interested in your services. What’s even better, it can target those not yet sure, who will then become certain as they move down your funnel! So not doing SEO is not only forgoing traffic, but also forgoing ‘targeted traffic’. Just imagine all the customers (around 70%+), eager to buy what you sell, not clicking on your paid ads, instead of clicking on your competitors organic listing! (as organic listings are a lot more trusted).

Last, but not least: with SEO your store will get authority status as well as build trust of users and search engines. So, to put it simple, doing SEO, just like doing branding, is an investment in an asset that will pay off for a while to come!


Why Choose Us?

We have been doing SEO for eCommerce websites for over a decade, so you can rest assured we have tried it all, from strategies that fail to those that take years to pay off.
Best of all, Smarketa is an eCommerce digital marketing agency with an eCommerce business mindset. We understand your needs as an eCommerce business owner, so we strive to drive short-term results, and maximise the long-term ones. That’s the “New Age eCommerce” approach!

The Six Parts of Our eCommerce SEO

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SEO Audit

Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis

SEO Strategy Development

On-Site SEO

Off-Site SEO

SEO Audit

  • We always preach, an eCommerce SEO audit lies at the foundation of any successful SEO strategy! So we start by thoroughly examining all SEO aspects of your eCommerce website, to clearly identify any shortcomings that may come between your store and top rankings!

Keyword Research

  • Based on the products you sell and the brand image you want to build, we then carefully handpick the set of keywords that your SEO campaigns should target.

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Competitor Analysis

  • As a next step, we analyse the top competitors for the targeted keyword. This allows us to identify the most successful SEO strategies for dominating your niche. Once we know this, we know what you should at least do to compete and what extra needs to be done to overtake your competition!

SEO Strategy Development

  • We combine the findings of all the previous parts into a coherent and tailor-made SEO strategy that will guide our efforts.

On-Site SEO

  • Once the strategy is in place, with your green light we start the implementation. We begin by making your eCommerce store as ‘satisfying’ as possible, given the demands of your niche, for both your store’s potential customers and search engine crawlers.

Off-Site SEO

  • Finally, we ensure that your eCommerce website and your brand are duly represented everywhere that is essential, and advantageous, to drive targeted buyers to your store!

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Our Superstar SEO Team

Our experienced team constantly innovates in the field of SEO, staying ahead of new trends and finding innovative solutions to help you grow your ecommerce business.
Roman S.
Tigran M.
Suzan G.
Liana A.
Helene N.

Case Study – Project MSB

In late 2016, Smarketa’s team took on a colossal project – building’s overall digital marketing strategy… from the absolute ground zero! And what happened? Here’s what: at this very moment, absolutely dominate their niche in the UK. They rank #1 for the most targeted keywords and have outpaced competitors who’ve been in business for a whole decade!

  • 564% growth in organic traffic in one year

  • Page 1 rankings for multiple terms related to ‘mobile signal boosters’

We have executed, maintained and also grown the organic search presence of the website through multiple SEO strategies to achieve ongoing organic growth. Our SEO strategy has focused on onsite optimisation, link acquisition through a robust and regular onsite content strategy.



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Packages & Pricing

Select and buy the package you think is built for you. Don’t worry about the right decision, you can upgrade or downgrade your package at any time.
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Annual billing
Monthly billing

Silver $ 900750

$9000 / year
Save $1800 / year
MOST POPULAR PLAN Gold $ 15001250

$15000 / year
Save $3000 / year
Platinum $ 25002100

$25000 / year
Save $5000 / year

Niche & competitor analysis

Keyword Research

Up to 15

Up to 30

Up to 50

Landing pages to target

Up to 4

Up to10

Up to 15

On-Site SEO Analysis & Implementation

Meta data optimization / copyrighting

Technical SEO Analysis & Recommandations

Content Optimization

Main & Landing Pages

All pages

All pages

Internal Link Optimization

Outgoing Link Optimization

Image Alt Text Optimization

Technical SEO Implementation

Multi-media Optimization

Blog Posts Planning

Off-Site SEO

Business Directories Profile Creation

Niche Bloggers Outreach

Niche Content Placement

Niche Community Engagement

Web 2 Mini Blogging






Social Signals from Leading Platforms


Process Monitoring & Reporting

Organic Traffc Monitoring & Analysis

Organic Ranking Monitoring & Analysis

On-Site SEO Monitoring

Technical SEO Monitoring


If you have questions while selecting the appropriate package or want a custom solution, you can contact our experts to create a custom SEO strategy for your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the advantage of SEO for ecommerce stores over other marketing strategies such as paid ads?


It’s a precious source of traffic that once tapped into will be bringing in potential customers to your store for free! It’s like an asset that pays dividents, you just need to invest in creating it!



What’s the optimal duration to get results from SEO?


Indeed, SEO provides great results, but only with the right time investment. It typically takes 8-10 months from the start of an SEO campaign for significant results to appear. Still, you should start seeing improvements in your rankings and other indicators within 4-6 months!



How will I be able to keep track of the work that is being done on my website and the results that are being achieved?


You will have a dedicated account manager who will provide you with weekly updates and monthly reports, just to make sure you know exactly how much your website SEO is progressing!



What if my ecommerce site has been penalized by Google? Can you still launch a successful SEO campaign and get my ecommerce website to top rankings?


Yes, without a doubt. It may however take a bit longer to deliver the expected results as being penalized makes the SEO work somewhat harder, compared to an ecommerce website with a clean SEO history.

New Age eCcommerce SEO

SEO Package Includes:

  • Niche & Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page & Technical SEO Analysis & Implementation
  • Content Creation
  • Off-Site SEO
  • Link Outreach
  • Citations & NAP Matching
  • Social & Behavior Signals
  • Process Monitoring & Reanalysis

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