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Why Do an eCommerce SEO Audit?

What is an eCommerce Google Ads Audit?


Many people see paid advertising as very straight-forward, just pay and people will see your ad. However, there are many aspects to paid advertising, and, if done incorrectly, it will just drain your budget, without providing much return on investment. Thus, performing a Google Ads Audit will bring to light all the potential aspects that stop you from reaching your full potential. It will show where you can improve and optimise your paid ads activities, to minimise your spendings and maximise your chances of reaching your business goals. 

Why Do an eCommerce Google Ads Audit?


Your web store performance always has room for improvement. Paid ads strategies are constantly changing in order to adapt to the changing market. Another point is the budget that you allocate to your paid advertising. Performing a Google Ads Audit will help you optimise your spendings and business goals, so the results of your paid advertising campaigns reach their full potential.

When Do an eCommerce Google Ads Audit?


The eCommerce market is constantly changing, with new competition coming to play, old ones getting stronger or weaker. Also, many dynamic factors affect customer behaviour. Thus, it is generally advised to perform the Google Ads Audit every 3-6 months, to make sure that you are up to date and relevant in your market niche and competitors. 

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Google Ads Audit Process

Competitor analysis

Identifying competitors of a business in a specific niche, analyzing their success factors, working strategies and mechanisms they use helps develop new paid ads strategies based on the results of the analysis.

Keyword analysis

We analyze the relevant keywords, structure and segment them and start bidding according to their importance and relevance. We also segment the keywords and negatives by match types, i.e exact, phrase and broad.

Structure analysis

Segmentation and structure of your ad campaigns are crucial in order to be able to analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns. If your ad campaigns are wrongly structured and segmented, it makes it harder to manage them.

Google Ads settings review

Paid ads for Google, the biggest search engine in the world, are set and managed by using of Google Ads. There are such settings as integrations to Google Analytics and CRM systems, to track and analyze customer behaviour.

Strategy review

A strategy is one of the key tokens of success of your advertising campaign, the main part of which is bidding. The market is constantly changing, new players are emerging, while others go under. Client’s buying behaviours are changing. To always stay relevant and come on top strategy revision is a must, so you can adapt to ever-changing market rules.

Targeting review

Targeting is a set of different parameters, setting which, your ad is visible to your audience. The main parameter is audience list, i.e. Google Ads audiences, lookalike, specific category interests, remarketing lists. We also adjust the following parameters –  demographics, geography, time and so on. Targeting review, and, if need be, correction shows the optimal use of your resources to achieve your business goals.

Why Us?

Tech is getting smarter and smarter. But with over a decade of experience in the sphere we have carved a constantly developing mechanism of work that is mostly done manually, from handpicking keywords to strategy and competitor analysis. 

Smarketa is a certified partner of Google Ads and our specialists are Google Ads and Google Analytics certified. We use Smart marketing analytics systems to examine your paid advertising and determine points for improvement. 

Here at Smarketa, we make sure every detail that has a certain amount of impact on the performance of your paid ads is carefully studied and analyzed. We have built and gained trust for years as the best PPC audit company and we’re ready to share our expertise with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question :

How long will it take for you to deliver the Google Ads Audit report for my eStore?

Answer :

Depending on the number of your paid campaigns and how big your online store is, it can take up to 3 business days from the moment we confirm your audit request.

Question :

What if I need clarifications and further feedback on the report, after I get it? Will you be able to provide them for me?

Answer :

Of course, we will! Our team will happily help clarify the meaning of every input in the report to make sure you know exactly what each result means.

Question :

Would you be able to actually resolve all the issues you find during the Audit?

Answer :

Certainly, yes! Although as part of the audit we will not be making any changes, if you choose to give us the green light, we can very quickly turn your audit report into a paid ads strategy and start implementing it. Our team of marketing specialists have years of experience and are equipped with the best tools. Rest assured, we will be able to address all and any  issues you might have!