The eCommerce SEO Audit Checklist

Download this eCommerce SEO audit checklist with its guide to determine all potential SEO issues that may be holding your online store back from reaching its organic traffic potential.

What to expect

A detailed walkthrough guide for an eCommerce SEO audit includes screenshots that help you when using tools you might be unfamiliar with. The guide is easy even for non-techies and won’t cause any difficulty at all.

An audit spreadsheet to log down the SEO audit report. This is the main document to fill in the relevant information after each action. This doc will show a thorough insight into what the website looks like for users and search engines.

At the end your spreadsheet reflects the action plan: it is basically a to-do list that you’ll have to complete. It is set up to arrange issues according to their priority and degree of positive impact.

Why on Earth to do an SEO audit?

General evaluation: An eCommerce SEO audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the website. It gives a deeper insight into the strong/weak points of your store. The knowledge of the current status of the website lets you know what to fix. This evaluation will become the base for your SEO strategy. To handle this best contact our SEO Experts!

Keyword analysis: This analysis is performed to reveal the key elements your website content is focused on, and define rankings and the current status of the keywords it ranks for. Having info on the main keywords that affect your visibility and searchability will help build a powerful strategy.

Technical analysis: This one identifies elements, malfunctions, issues and structural problems that need to be fixed/optimized. Behind every problem, there might be a technical reason. The results are a list of things to be changed to turn your eCommerce store into a fast-loading, user-friendly, and comprehensive experience in the eyes of search engines.

Content audit: Good content is not enough for web crawlers: it needs to be optimized. If not, the message won’t reach the target audience. Due to content audit, you’ll have an abundance of information to make use of i.e: engagement metrics, readers’ preferences, keyword relevance, etc. The logbook of past mistakes will help start off a new strategy.

This ecommerce SEO audit checklist has a truly high value

Here is why. The checklist is:

  • derived from general needs observed in the market
  • non-techie and easy-to-follow
  • do-it-yourself
  • a result of many years of experience
  • reflects all our expertise
  • time-tested and constantly improved

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Victoria Hovsepyan
Marketing Manager at Smarketa

Through years, our work has been the undeniable proof of our considerable expertise. And that is why we assure you that whether you decide to use the checklist to perform an SEO audit yourself or assign the task to our expert team, you will definitely get the best possible result.