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Why Do an eCommerce SEO Audit?

Less than satisfying performance of your website is an indication enough to perform an SEO Audit. However, if you are experiencing any of the below mentioned issues, you need to make the eCommerce SEO audit your top-priority.

Low Organic traffic: There are many issues causing low organic traffic like bad onpage SEO, wrong site map, broken backlinks, site interlinking problems etc. All those become evident after the SEO Audit. 

Low position in SERPs: An in-depth audit might identify such problems as missing or wrong alt text on images, meta titles and descriptions and content optimization needs.  

Low search ranking: Several issues like high bounce rate and site loading speed may prevent you from getting desired conversions. The eCommerce SEO Audit will help you see and solve the problems and create an SEO strategy, tailored for your specific needs.

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SEO Audit Process

Competitor analysis

Identifying competitors of a business in a specific niche, analyzing their success factors, working strategies and mechanisms they use helps develop new strategies based on the results of the analysis.

Keyword analysis

We analyze your store’s current SEO position within your niche, examine the keyword profile, current rankings of your pages and keyword relevance.The findings are the strong base to make up the action plan with which SEO strategy.

On-site analysis

On-site analysis reveals optimization problems of all elements in the website, be it visible or not, such as headings, tags, meta titles and descriptions, HTTP codes, low usability and friendliness causing components.

SEO Content analysis

A thorough content analysis identifies the existing content issues, relevance of keywords, and indicates the optimal content of pages to rank high and have the necessary impact on potential customers.

Technical SEO analysis

The “key-player” technical factors are analyzed to make sure that browsing your website is a “satisfying” task both for visitors and crawlers, because technical issues may be the reason for poor performance.

Off-site analysis

Off-site analysis evaluates the quality of external signals (backlinks, social, brand signals) search engines receive about your web store. Identifying similar signals of the “niche giants” allows us to build an effective off-site presence strategy.

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We have performed eCommerce SEO audit for more than 9 years and can guarantee results in form of organic traffic, high quality conversions and much more. Our manually performed in-depth audit detects website issues that software doesn’t register. Unlike generalist agencies, our main frame of focus is eCommerce, meaning we know the industry form A-to-Z and have developed strategies that work. We not only check website health, but also provide our clients with SEO strategy on how to generate traffic and sales. Our highly professional in-house SEO specialists will handpick the keywords, perform risk analysis and competitor research. Here at Smarketa we have a long list of satisfied clients, from ones we helped to grow, to ones we saved from bankruptcy. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Question :

What is an eCommerce SEO Audit?

Answer :

An eCommerce SEO Audit is It’s a comprehensive, exhaustive assessment of your website’s current SEO position. This process discloses all the malfunctions, issues, and problems that prevent your website from performing to its fullest. This is the first and the most important step of an overall SEO strategy. Without a comprehensive SEO Audit, you’ll have no action plan for developing your SEO strategy.

Question :

When to Do an eCommerce SEO Audit?

Answer :

Search engine algorithms frequently change, technologies develop and, at the same time competitors grow, thus requiring us to keep up with the search engine algorithm updates. It’s generally advised to perform small-scale audits once a month to be sure everything is under control, but a full-scale audit should be performed about every 3-6 months.

Question :

How long will it take for you to deliver the SEO audit report for my eStore?

Answer :

Depending on number of pages your store may have, it can take up to 6 – 10 business days from the moment we confirm your audit request.

Question :

What if once you deliver the audit report I am not sure about some parts? Will I be able to get further feedback or clarifications?

Answer :

Of course, you will! Our team will happily help clarify the meaning of every input in the report to make sure you know exactly what each result means.

Question :

Would you be able to actually resolve all the issues you find during the audit?

Answer :

Certainly, yes! Although as part of the audit we will not be making any changes to your site, if you choose to give us the green light, we can very quickly turn your audit report into an SEO strategy and start implementing it. Our team of marketing enthusiasts have years of experience and are equipped with the best tools: so rest assured, we will be able to address all and any SEO issues your online store might have!