Focus on the return

Online advertising can be one of the fastest ways to grow a business, if done correctly.

Combining the right targeting with the right audiences will allow you create sustainable, saleable campaigns that will grow your business as fast as you can handle.

But build engagement too…

An engaged audience is far more likely to convert, so combine several strategies to build a strong audience getting conversions for you at the same time.

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Search PPC Ads

Organic traffic coming from SEO is like rain. In the sense you don’t have a full control over it and can’t predict with pinpoint accuracy WHERE it will rain. In contrast, Paid traffic is like a faucet – you have total control over the traffic you’re paying for, the audience you want to target, demographics and, most importantly, total control over your budget!

Search advertising is ideal for e-commerce stores that want to rank for particular keywords, target particular audience, get a particular amount of traffic, within a particular budget. Since the search (PPC) ads are only displayed to searchers who search for terms related to those you are paying for, there is a higher chance of conversion as you’re driving only relevant traffic to your store.

And we’ll keep changing the strategy to make sure you win

Search ads are a perfect fit if you need to increase your sales in a minimum time possible by driving targeted traffic already interested in your product.

Product Listing Ads (Shopping Ads)

Product Listing Ads work similar to PPC ads. This ad format is developed specifically for e-commerce stores. They are visual – they include featured product image allowing your potential prospect to see
the image of the product you’re promoting and are tailored towards products and product categories (vs. keywords)

With Product Listing (shopping ads) you can instantly promote a certain, few or all of your products on Google.

We are certified Google partners and have an extended experience promoting e-commerce stores through tested, scientifically-measured PPC & Shopping ad strategies. We chisel and fine-tune these strategies in accordance with search engine algorithm changes. That way our clients get exclusively up-to-date, sales-driving service within a reasonable budget.

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Online Advertising can go so much further with “New Age” E-commerce Marketing

Ad campaigns drive fast, effective results but they’re still only one part of a successful online strategy.

  • Your own multi-channel digital marketing team

    After using other channels to build and engage your audience, online advertising can be used to convert them at the right times with targeted campaigns

  • A unique service like you have never seen before

    It’s a premium service for companies that want to take their marketing (and sales results) to a level they’ve never experienced before.

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Here’s the team who’ll bring in your results

Roman S.
Tigran M.
Vika H.
Rudolf M.
Helene N.

Case study
Project MSB was a small website with a fairly limited budget to spend on paid ads (PPC.) Nonetheless, we took the challenge of strategizing their PPC (pay-per-click) promotion on a shoestring and have been running their PPC campaigns for a year now. Result? – those e-commerce PPC campaigns skyrocketed their profits to the extent that their monthly budget for paid ads has grown by 1200%! Click below to see how we achieved such stunning results in less than a year.

  • Increased PPC effectiveness by 30% Now 2731 buyers
  • 41% of the overall sales come from PPC2 in 10 people who click MSB’s PPC ad buy their products


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New Age E-commerce PPC

PPC Package Includes:

  • Niche & Audience Analysis
  • Competitor Ad Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Budgeting & ROI Adjustment
  • Campaign Structuring
  • Product Feed Generation
  • Process Monitoring & Reanalysis

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