Why Choose Instagram Advertising

One of the biggest social networks out there is Facebook, and it’s widely used for advertising by many companies and shops to get the word out, to notify about sales, to build customer trust, and many other objectives.

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2 years ago, it introduced a shopping checkout, where you can directly click on the ad and go to checkout. This has made it widely popular within marketers, who have now are actively placing their ads, and are making them as attractive as possible. 

In this article, we will focus much more on the why of the question rather than how, and lay before you facts that will make you see just why you need to include Instagram in your next Ad strategy. 

The question of how you need to create your ads on Instagram from a technical point of view, we have touched very widely and in detail in our previous article named Facebook Advertising Cheat Sheet

Without further ado, let’s see why Instagram should definitely be a part, if not the focus of your advertising strategy and efforts. 

Why Instagram? 

Surely, there are many different social media platforms, and many of them support advertising, and many marketers do advertise their products there, but there is one in particular, that by far, has been the most eCommerce friendly, making the shopping process simple and enjoyable for the customer – Instagram. 

Down the Memory Lane 

Let us give you a bit of background on the platform. 

It has been around for a decade now, since October 2010, and has been mostly a place to share photos and videos. 

It first came out only for iOS, but later on, was also adapted for the Android users as well. 

From that time on it has been growing in popularity and only 2 years after its launch, Facebook acquired the company for a whopping $1 billion. 

It clearly saw the potential of the app early on and wanted to control everything that Instagram, later on, grew to become.

Reasons to pick Instagram 

As we have already mentioned, there are so many different aspects to why Instagram should have a place in your paid campaigns, and there are both business and marketing aspects of it, that is very important to know. 

Huge potential and exposure

To say that Instagram is a popular platform would be an understatement.

Let us give some statistics to support this claim. 

  • It has over 1 billion people, using the app actively each month; 
  • It is the second most popular app, following Facebook;
  • 90% of users are following at least 1 business;
  • At least 25 million business have an Instagram profile;
  • About 83% of users say that this app has helped them discover a new service or a product; 
  • More than 60% of users are on the app daily;
  • The average scroll time on Instagram is 53 minutes daily.

All these numbers speak for themselves. 

It is obvious that creating an Instagram business account will benefit you a great deal and will help you if not in sales right away, then in exposure, which will eventually lead to sales.

Promote Your Brand And Image

This one is probably one of the most important reasons. 

You can easily position yourself whatever way you like through Instagram, as there are many ways you can promote your company and create endless content.

For example, you can post videos and pictures of your product, make sure you post content that connects you to causes you are involved in, like environmental issues, charity, sporting events where you sponsor or compete and so on. 

You can also tell people where you stand regarding pretty much any issue in the society or neighbourhood of your target audience. 

All these pictures and videos will create a specific image of your company in the eyes of your followers/potential buyers. 

Before you do any of that though, make sure you think hard and long about how you want your customers to see you and choose things that will connect you to them, rather than distance.   


Create Trust And Brand Loyalty 

People connect to brands and companies emotionally, and that’s where true loyalty comes from. 

Think about it in terms of family. You love yours no matter what, and no matter what they do. You even love them when they are in the wrong. 

It’s very similar to brands that you are loyal to. 

They might be raising their prices, or maybe there might be another competitor that offers a product for a lower price and better quality, but you stay true to the one you usually buy. 

There are many different ways you can do that, but showing your clients how products are made and the “behind the scenes” of it all, will help a great deal in making you relatable and human, thus creating trust and loyalty. 

Advertise And Sell With Easy Check Out

After you have strengthened your image and build customer trust and loyalty, it’s time to show your followers new products and promote the best-sellers you might have. 

No matter if you are selling handbags, hats or construction materials, Instagram ads will help you a great deal in selling your products. 

As we have mentioned already, Instagram had introduced a fast check out through ads 2 years ago, and since then there are a lot of businesses that have been, very successfully we might add, using this feature. 

When it comes to product type, these days work best on impulsive buyers, who don’t need to think too much and want to get the thing they liked right away. 

Of course, if you are selling car tires, this might not be about you, but if you are selling makeup or women accessories, then you are in luck. 

All you have to do is create very attractive images and content describing and showcasing your product, and let the ad do its magic.   

What Kind of Ads Work on Instagram? 

Instagram is a platform to post videos and images, so no brainer there, that’s the kind of content you will be making too. 

But be aware that there is a huge variety of different videos and images that you can create, and we will be talking about them at length below. 

But before talking about the type of ads, it’s important to mention goals.


Set The Right Goals

There are 3 main gals on Facebook and Instagram alike that you can set for your ad. These are:

  • Awareness 
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Each of these has their sub-objectives, but the idea is clear. 

You need to choose the one that will reflect the right goal you have for that particular ad. 

Let us give you an example. 

If you want people to know you and see you as much as possible, maybe you are a new player entering the market, you might want to choose awareness, to reach as many people as possible and for them to start to get to know you. 

In case you want to push people to make an action, start following you, download your app, subscribe for a newsletter, then you might want to use the Consideration objective and build your ad accordingly. 

And finally, if you want to make sales, you are maybe having a holiday offer, an offer for your company’s birthday or you just want to promote any other sales as much as possible, you would need to pick the conversion goal. 

It’s also very important to remember that there has to be an alignment with your goals, ads and the content your audience will see. In case you are redirecting them to a webpage or a product page, you need to make sure not to break that chain. 

The ad and the landing page need to align with the goal; otherwise, you are confusing your potential customers, and most likely will end up losing them. 

OK, now that you know what kind of objectives you have when it comes to Instagram ads, it’s time to show you the ads types and let you know what works best. 

Photo Ads

These ads are simple, need to tell a story and connect people to your brand. 

Photo ads are also the most standard and used type of ad on Instagram. 

Here you have a chance to creatively showcase your product or service, what you do, and maybe even how your products are made. 

Let people get to know your staff, post pictures of staff parties, outings and so on in order to build brand loyalty and maybe create awareness if you are new to the game.  

These ads are great for all kinds of objectives; it all depends on the type of picture you are making, and what you want to use it for. 

Carousel Ads

This one is pretty much a very short video that is made of several photos. 

You can have up to 10 photos in one ad, and it’s a great chance to showcase similar products or even a single product from different angles. 

The video length can be up to 1 minute, as let’s face it; no one will look at an ad longer than that on Instagram. 

You have a chance to let people see what kind of different products you are offering and a wide variety of the same product category. 

Slideshow Ads

This type is very similar to the previous one, as it also combines different elements to create a story. 

However, the difference is that you can put together not only images and writing but also videos, add sound and create something very creative, and exactly what you want people to know and see. 

The slideshow should be creative and fun to watch and serve one goal – whichever you choose. 

It is recommended that you include up to 10 images in your slideshow, and it’s much more creative and engaging than a simple image or carousel ad. 

Video Ads

Video is the most popular format of visual content today and the most watchable. 

People love videos, whether it’s normal, boomerang, or really short ones. 

When it comes to Instagram ads, making videos, and testing them to see which one works is what you should be doing! 

Going back to goals, it’s worth mentioning that videos are not so great when it comes to sales, so use this type of ad for brand awareness, loyalty, lead generation and others. 

No matter what your goal is, however, make sure you add a clear message and call to action to your video, so it works to your advantage and not becomes a fun pastime for your potential customers and leave them confused by the end of it.  

Collection Ads

This one works best for sales! 

It is pretty much an image of your product catalogue page. All the products showcased right next to another, together with the price. 

You can use this type of ad if you want to make sales, and if you want to showcase the different options, you have available on your website. 

This ad works great for store visits, for traffic and conversion, as well as for the catalogue sales. 


Yes, that’s right, you can post your ad in your stories. 

This is probably the most organic way of showing your ad and making sure people are watching and engaging with it. 

You can post anything from videos to images, but make sure to keep the videos short, in order for people actually to watch them. Something like 15 seconds is the best length. 

Placing your ad in stories is a great way of raising awareness about your brand, as well as generating traffic and sales. 

Most people won’t bother checking if the content is paid or organic. Thus you also build trust with your clients and make everything seem natural. 

What Goes Viral? 

To be honest, there is no sure way that will lead your content to go viral. 

Very different and sometimes opposite types of content find widespread attention and love among people. 

Also, keep in mind, that content can go viral as in a positive as well as in a negative sense, like the Pepsi Commercial on TV a while back, or the H&M one with the Coolest Monkey in the Jungle. 

However, there are sure tactics that will make your customers like what you do. 

Focus on your target audience 

This one is a must for any stage of your business, not just ads. 

You need to know your target audience from A-Z to make sure you create something, especially for them, so they can connect with you and become your loyal customer. 

Study their behavior online, their buyer behavior, their interests, likes and dislikes. 

Know them better than they know themselves.  

Only then, by looking at your ad creating through the eyes of your customers, you will be able to create something they will truly connect to. 

Be sure that then, they will take the action you want from them! 

Be creative and unique 

People don’t like boring, even bring people. 

People can also easily tell if you are genuine, sincere and unique, or if you are giving them something they have already seen or heard. 

You need to be engaging, interesting, sometimes even unpredictable and funny. But no matter what you do, you have to be 100% unique! Create your own, and people will respond to that. 

A little warning here, though, use caution when you are trying to be funny or unpredictable. If your joke flops, your ad will flop too. 

We don’t think that there is any reason to tell you to steer clear of offensive and prejudice content either. 

Turn to Influencers 

When it comes to social media, influencers play a great deal in promoting and even selling your product. 

Be sure to find reliable and interesting influencers in your niche and offer them to partner with you, or make a review video of your product. 

This will be telling a story from someone else’s mouth, which will create much more exposure, awareness and trust in your brand or product. 

User-generated content 

This tactic also creates trust among your potential customers and if you partner that with some sort of giveaway or contest, then you got yourself a winner. 

People love doing things to win prises.

Try it if you are not doing it already, and you will see how lucrative and rewarding this type of advertising will be. 

Here you need to make sure you have clear rules, they are measurable and transparent, and you give people enough time to do it, but not too much to lose their attention. 

For example, take a funny picture of your dog, post it on Instagram with “this” hashtag and win a lifetime supply of our dog food + your pet will become the face of our next campaign.  

This will promote your brand, and at the same time, it will create very high engagement with the ad. 


Hope, we could convince you that Instagram Advertising is an excellent strategy for your eCommerce business and selling online through Instagram will be definitely worth it. 

Make sure you think everything through, before starting your page and take the necessary steps to create and promote your image on social media in general and Instagram in particular and make the sales you so much deserve. 

Any kind of advertising and Instagram is not an exception here, takes trial and error to achieve excellence. So start, and try everything before you find your formula to success, following the tips we have laid out for you here.  


Margarita | Content Manager

Margarita is the content manager at Smarketa and has been putting words to paper for over 5 years now. She is a bit of a grammar nazi, and believes that the right punctuation can save lives. 🙂